COVID Insurance

Travel has dramatically changed since the outbreak of coronavirus in early 2020. While countries, including Thailand, are slowly beginning to open for foreign visitors again, strict regulations are now in place for any wishing to visit the Land of Smiles, including the need for COVID health insurance.

Who Needs COVID Insurance For Thailand?

The short and easy answer is everyone. Whether you are arriving on a tourist visa, a long-stay visa, or entering Thailand for any other purpose, you will need to show a certificate proving you have health coverage for COVID-19.

What Are The Thai Coronavirus Insurance Requirements?

Requirements in regards to coronavirus insurance for entry to Thailand change frequently. Currently, in addition to other visa and entry requirements, anyone entering Thailand must show:

  •  COVID health insurance with coverage of at least USD 100,000 to cover medical expenses
  •  COVID life insurance with coverage of at least USD 100,000 to cover expenses in the event of death caused by the coronavirus

You can read more about the latest requirements and updates in our COVID insurance for Thailand guide.

Where Can You Buy COVID Health Insurance For Entering Thailand?

If you are planning on visiting Thailand you will need to make sure you are covered for COVID. Your health insurance policy may already provide sufficient coverage for COVID-related medical expenses.

However, it is much simpler to buy a coronavirus health insurance plan that is approved by the Thai government and offers low-cost premiums from local insurance companies.

We highly recommend Mister Prakan when buying COVID insurance as they compare policies from all of the major Thai insurance companies and provide an insurance certificate stating you have the proper COVID coverage for entry to Thailand with your policy.

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What is COVID-19 Insurance?

Travelers are facing a difficult decision as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to increase in severity. While some countries are beginning to reopen for tourism, others remain closed. Some travelers have…

COVID-19 Guide for Ex-Pats in Thailand

COVID-19 Guide for Ex-Pats in Thailand

The coronavirus pandemic has placed everyone on alert worldwide. People are taking better care of their health and becoming more careful when it comes to personal hygiene.

For ex-pats and foreigners living in Thailand, the COVID situation has created some uncertainty. While following the local news can provide good updates about the coronavirus across the country, the information is not always reliable.

COVID Insurance for Thailand - Latest Requirements & Updates

COVID Insurance Thailand: Latest Requirements & Updates

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of 2020 shook the tourism industry to its core. Travel was either halted or heavily disrupted worldwide, with Thailand one of the first countries to completely close its international borders. Regardless, Thailand is slowly, but steadily, reopening its doors to international travelers in 2021 in an attempt to revive the tourism industry and help the thousands of locals affected by the lack of arrivals into the country.

Travel Insurance 

Choosing travel insurance when coming to Thailand can become a real headache. There are many aspects to consider for your insurance policy, many of which we have outlined in our beginner’s guide to travel insurance for Thailand.

Who Needs Thailand Travel Insurance?

Simply, anyone visiting Thailand for a holiday, break, short time, or regularly for business travel should consider purchasing a solid insurance policy.

There are different options to consider depending on whether you are traveling to Thailand as a one-off or if you plan to return to Thailand multiple times within a short period.

What Should Travel Insurance For Thailand Include?

Insurance for travel policies contain a wide range of options, inclusions, and exclusions. Depending on your needs you should consider an insurance policy that covers:

  •  Flight delays or cancellations
  •  Lost baggage or luggage at the airport and during your stay in Thailand
  •  Lost or stolen personal items
  •  Health emergencies and expenses
  •  Injury from high-risk activities such as scuba diving or sports
  •  Motorbike or road accidents

Some insurance plans will require add-ons for high-risk activities such as riding a motorcycle or practicing Muay Thai. Make sure you fully understand what your travel insurance covers and which extras you might require.

Where Can You Find Thai Travel Insurance?

The first port of call for researching insurance when traveling to Thailand is your local insurance provider. You can ask your credit card provider and bank if they have any policies that may cover you during your trip also.

However, if you are looking for an insurance policy that covers your time in Thailand more comprehensively, you should buy travel insurance from a local Thai provider.

This has multiple benefits including a lower premium and easier claims should you require medical attention while in Thailand.

A local insurance comparison service such as Mister Prakan is the easiest way to find Thailand travel insurance with plans from all major insurance providers in Thailand.

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Ex-Pat Insurance 

Health insurance is essential for all ex-pats and foreigners living in Thailand. In the event of an accident or falling ill, having proper expat insurance coverage can ensure you end up in a nice private hospital and get the best care without worrying about the medical costs.

Who Should Get ExPat Insurance In Thailand?

Anyone staying or living in Thailand on long-term visas should consider some form of foreigner health insurance plan. This includes:

  •  Anyone on a retirement visa
  •  Anyone working in Thailand
  •  Anyone married to a Thai national or with half-Thai children
  •  Anyone attending an educational institution in Thailand

Some visa types, such as the non-immigrant O-A retirement visa requires health insurance prior to getting the visa acceptance. While other visa types don’t have insurance requirements, all expats and foreigners should look into insurance options.

You can read in-depth information about expat insurance in our essential guide.

Where Can You Find Ex-Pat Health Insurance For Thailand?

For those who recently entered Thailand, the chances are you have either travel insurance or health insurance from your home country.

These options are great for the first few months in Thailand, but if you are considering staying long-term in the Land of Smiles, exploring local insurance options is highly advisable.

Local insurance providers usually have relationships with hospitals in Thailand, making their expat insurance policies more affordable. The process of claiming should you fall ill is also much simpler when using local Thai insurance providers.

We highly recommend using an insurance comparison service to find the best expat insurance plan such as Mister Prakan. Here you can enter your details and browse offers from top insurance companies in minutes.

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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is among the most popular forms of tourism in Thailand with millions of people coming to the country specifically for medical treatments every year. With world-class hospitals and facilities, Thailand ranks as one of the top five medical tourism destinations worldwide.

What Treatments Are Available For Medical Tourists In Thailand?

There is an enormous variety of both medical and cosmetic treatments available for medical tourists in Thailand. Some of the most popular include:

  •  Heart surgery
  •  Hip replacement
  •  Knee replacement
  •  Health checkups
  •  Liposuction
  •  Breast reduction
  •  Botox
  •  Tummy tuck
  •  Rehabilitation for alcoholics and sex addicts

Many people also visit Thailand for vision treatments and dental surgeries due to the huge number of clinics and hospitals available.

You can find out more about medical tourism in Thailand by reading our complete guide.

Do You Need Insurance For Medical Tourism In Thailand?

Insurance is not a necessity to visit Thailand as a medical tourist, however, it can drastically lower your bills.

While medical treatments in Thailand are a fraction of the prices found in western countries, having a solid health insurance plan could cover most of your expenses.

Some insurance providers offer worldwide coverage, allowing you to sue the insurance from your home country in Thailand to receive medical care.

However, if you do not have health insurance already, you can look into local insurance plans and compare them when planning to come to Thailand as a medical tourist.

One such service which we highly recommend is Mister Prakan. Here you can buy local and worldwide health insurance from the top insurance providers.

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