Finding a Hospital in Thailand – What You Need to Know

To get better medical treatments, Thailand is one of the most preferred and top medical tourism destinations in the Southeast Asian region. Many citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam move to Thailand to get treated for some of the common medical-related issues. Now that many are aware of the fact that Thailand offers the best treatment at the cheapest possible prices, it is primary for you to know on what parameters you should choose the hospital rendering healthcare services. 

What are the indicators of a good hospital? 

Some of the attributes of good health care services providing institutions and hospitals are briefed below. In case you are not aware of the setting of the place, you could also contact a medical tourism agency to guide you on the different procedures involved in you getting enrolled in a premier hospital to get treated for your disease. 

Check yourself

Google has become the godmother for every single activity you intend to do in today’s world. The first and foremost step you need to do before booking a particular physician or doctor from a premier medical institute is to Google for the best hospitals in and around Thailand. You will be provided a list of recommendations based on which you could make your decision. Also, it is not completely suggested to go by the Google reviews; however, it does provide certain benefits if you consider a Google search as well. You could check out the website of the hospital, the years of experience of the doctor serving in the hospital, the infrastructure, etc. All the private hospital in Thailand is mostly listed on Google. 

Check for accreditation 

With the booming number of hospitals in any corner of the world, you need to check if the hospital is properly accredited by the medical boards in the country. You could Google for the medical accreditation boards in the country. 

Types of services 

Certain hospitals are specializing in a particular type of healthcare service and there are a group of hospitals that provides any kind of healthcare services under its umbrella. You could prefer the specialized yet small size ones or go for the large-sized all-in-one healthcare services providing institution, depending on your health condition. There is no correlation between the size of the hospital and the pricing of the hospital. The public hospital in Thailand also offers top-notch services. 


Apart from checking the qualification and accreditation, you need to check for the facilities in the hospital. Proper accommodation services and hygiene has to be maintained to ensure a quick recovery. Air-conditioned rooms, proper nursing facilities, and restrooms for visitors are some of the key indicators of a properly maintained Hospital. 


English is the common connecting language between people from different corners of the world. Before choosing a particular hospital, check if the staff working in that medical institute is well-versed in English.


Doctors are the frontline healthcare professionals who maintain the reputation of the hospital. Apart from the staff, the doctor should also be able to speak in English to understand the needs and requirements of the patient. The doctor working in a reputed hospital would put up the following details on the website of the hospital

  • Years of experience as the doctor 
  • Certifications are done by the doctor
  • Specialized areas of the doctor  
  • Number of surgeries and procedures performed by the doctor 

The better the experience, the better will be the service offered by the doctor. 

Get quotes 

You need to get price quotes for your medical condition from two to three different medical institutes. You could try calling the hospital or email your medical condition. The estimate would contain details like doctor fees, outpatient department fees, miscellaneous charges, ward charges, nursing charges, ICU charges, etc.

Involve your doctor

You could also get the doctor of your country to involve with the Thai doctor if you are facing some complex health condition. 

Avail services from medical tourism companies 

Medical tourism companies act as the middleman between the patient and the hospital. Apart from acting as a middleman, they provide a lot of services like airport transfer, providing accommodation to visitors. 

There are some really good medical tourism companies in Thailand like:

  • Beauty Med Thailand 
  • Cosmeditour Thailand 
  • Thailand International Medical Health Solutions. 
  • Medical departures and
  • Thailand medical agency 

Now that you’re very much aware of the things you need to take into account for booking a hospital for your health-related issue. You need to take into account the hospital Insurance in Thailand as another important factor as well. If you have proper medical insurance in hand, you could go ahead with getting treatment without any second thought.

Compare Insurance Providers in Thailand

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